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A few little tips that may help you restore the central heating while waiting for our engineer to call

OIL:. Are you sure you have oil?....Dip the tank to be sure!

ROOM THERMOSTAT: If you have a room thermostat - it can be found on the wall in the hall or on the wall in the sittingroom. Set it to Max.(25'C) until the fault is located, then reset it to your desired setting.

POWER: If the fault is power related, simple test for you is to turn the Time Clock to ON - Press the reset button on the burner. If the power is present the burner will run but will not light - You have a burner problem and you need an Engineer to rectify it. Never press the reset button more than once

On the other hand if the burner fails to run at all after pressing the reset button - then you have no power going to the boiler.

Check the boiler high limit thermostat - positioned next to the control thermostat on the boiler, could have a little black cover on it. Loosen the cover ( anti clockwise ) and press the button inside - if the limit thermostat is the problem you will hear a 'click' as you press it and the boiler should run....replace the cap!! If you have no success after all that then you need our Service Engineer.- - 087 258 0712

The above items are listed as a help only and may not apply to all boilers and households.Any adjustments needed should only be made by a qualifid Service Engineer.

If any of the above tips prove useful to you, please send a donation to your favourite charity - stay safe and thank you.

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