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We specialise in commercial and domestic boiler servicing and burner replacements


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Domestic Oil Boiler Service Schedule

We do not service boilers that are more than 30 years old - mainly due to the unavailability of spare parts for older burners.

What our Oil Boiler Service Consists of:-

  1. Boiler opened and checked - report given on its condition.
  2. Oil Burner examined, oil pressure and air intake settings adjusted.
  3. Burner Ignition / Transformer checked and Electrodes cleaned and reset. Burner nozzle / Blast tube and Electrodes aligned.
  4. All controls set to manufacturers specifications
  5. Boiler will be calibrated to operate at maximum possible efficiency


Standard Domestic Oil Boiler Service Charge 80 euro

Condensing Boiler setup with computerised CO2 Flue gas analysis - 120 Euro

Parts extra if needed

Minimum Charge:

If the boiler is found to be beyond repair or obsolete a charge of 30.00 will be made to cover the cost of the call / traveling etc... Our Service Engineer will advise you of the cost of a replacement..........Prices shown are correct to-day

should you need any help or advice- please do not hesitate to contact us